We Provide Consultancy / Management services for the investors in Africa for the following ( more than 1000 Hectares):

» Land Clearing & Land Preparation for farming.

» Soil Management Services.

» Total Farming Management Services (from Sowing to harvesting).



Land Clearing & Land Preparation for Farming::
Agriculture Land Evaluation Report:
» Identifying the range of suitable crop options in existing cropping areas
 to facilitate diversification.
» Investigating new areas suitable for agricultural expansion by
 conducting soil survey maps of the area for the soil type, drainage,
 slope, general topography, and kind of crops it is best suited for.
» Feasibility studies for development of new dams and irrigation schemes.
» Regional planning, including the preparation of planning schemes and
 development assessment decisions by local government
» Identification of areas prone to environmental degradation, including
 erosion, salinity and acid sulfate soils
» Land clearing applications
» Planning for rural industry expansion (e.g. irrigation schemes)
» On-farm management planning, particularly paddock and irrigation
 design based on soil properties
» Environmental impact assessment
» Non-agricultural suitability assessments (e.g. suitability for wastewater
» Informing regulatory and extension service providers in areas such as
 environmental and restoration works, vegetation clearing, grazing and
 pastoral land management
» Planning land management activities to obtain carbon credits (carbon  
» Designing and planning major Infrastructure ( e.g. roads, pipelines,
 powerlines,communications cables).
Land Clearing service for the suitable land for farming.:
Land preparation Service for farming.: