We Provide Consultancy / Management services for the investors in Africa for the following ( more than 1000 Hectares):

» Land Clearing & Land Preparation for farming.

» Soil Management Services.

» Total Farming Management Services. (from Sowing to harvesting).


Soil Management Services:  


Soils are neither “good “nor “bad” because the distinction is often based on their intended uses.
We provide the complete services in building-up the soil nature as per the suitability of crop as follows:
Soil Analysis: As Soils are one of the major media for plant growth, we analyze the soil and its constituents in a micro level scale using Laboratory techniques and also field technical instruments.
Soil Conservation:  Enhancing the Soil quality in its soil nutrient content and nutrient availability and its resistance to soil degradation by the following programs:


» Crop Rotation

» Integrated use of Fertilizers

» Organic farming

» Good Agricultural Practices

» Conservation Agriculture

Water Management Services:  

We provide services in planning, developing, distributing and optimum use of water resources under defined water polices and regulations.
Irrigation Water Management:
We provide services in maintaining the Irrigation water management systems which makes the most efficient use of limited water supplies for agriculture
Drainage water Systems:
We provide services in drainage water management which helps producers to manage water on their fields. This practice can increase production, keep nutrients on the field and send clean, filtered water downstream. 
Water Conservation Program:
We provide services in making strategies and activities to manage freash water as a sustainable resource, to protect the water environment, and to meet current and future human demand.


Crop Management Service:

We provide services of Good Agricultural practices used to improve the growth, development and yield of agricultural crops by implementing various technologies as follows:

Precision Agriculture:

» We use Software and Variable Rate Technology to analyze and apply required of fertilizer in a specific area.

» We identify areas of vegetation using satellite imaginary / NDVI images using CROPIO or ArcGIS and act accordingly

» Good practices related to crop protection will include those that use resistant cultivars and varieties, crop sequences, associations, and cultural practices that maximize biological prevention of pests and diseases.

» Maintain regular and quantitative assessment of the balance status between pests and diseases and beneficial organisms of all crops.

» Adopt Organic control practices where and when applicable.

» Apply pest and disease forecasting techniques where available.

» Determine interventions following consideration of all possible methods and their short and long term effects on farm productivity and environmental implications in order to minimize the use of agrochemicals, in particular to promote integrated pest management(IPM).