History & Profile

Sree PLC is founded by highly qualified experienced group of professionals who has vast experience in Agriculture, Commodities, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals & Process Excellence divisions with over 27 years experience working across the globe (Founder of Indian Institute Of Enterprise Management, India www.iiemindia.com; Vedam Limited, Mauritius).

Having lived in Africa over a decade, having understood the people in Africa require self sufficiency in agriculture produce established an agro processing division named SREE PLC based out of Zambia.

This will help in reducing imports, reducing prices, making agriculture produce accessible to one & all at an affordable cost. This will not only makes the Country self sufficient in Farm produce but also making the farm produce available for the African Continent.


Sree PLC is a India based results-driven and dedicated investment group that specializes in Agro-business and Commodity Projects and Programs. As growth-oriented investors, the company seeks to partner with organizations and entrepreneurs of proven ability and provide them with the resources needed to achieve extraordinary success.

Sree PLC specializes in the project planning, structuring, development and management of integrated agricultural, agro-processing, rural development and commodity supply chain projects. Its core competence is its knowledge and understanding of the principles and requirements of commercial agribusiness and commodity projects in Zambian environment and ability to mobilize skilled professionals and other role players that can add value; enhance profitability and ensure sustainability of interventions.

Vision & Mission


• To be a leader and profitable organisation in the "agriculture, commodities & agro-processing".
• To Create employment, contribute to the social development
• To Support the most needy in the society.


Our mission is to identify and invest in potential countries across Africa for strategic acquisition of fertile lands, recruiting and managing right talent, creating right programs to develop them and offering rewards and incentives that will keep them loyal.


Our Management Principles


Our investment committee is composed of senior principal investors and executives; their experience is an invaluable resource that has helped us grow our portfolio.


We conduct detailed research studies and comparative analysis before we decide to invest in a project. Performing multiple analyses helps us reach informed decisions where we understand the risks and rewards completely.


We work with a number of external diligence parties that lend us their expertise and insight on the prospective industry. The intelligence gathered by our team, and that provided to us by contractors, helps us in the investment, management, and development processes.


We believe in creating win-win situations for all stakeholders. We ensure that the investors’ interests are protected, and that the portfolio companies’ founders and management teams have all necessary resources at their disposal.

Core Values

1. Attitude   
2. Communication   
3. Discipline 

4. Honesty/ Integrity  
5. Performance
6. Training people